Equipment Lease Financing Specialist

Integrity and Honesty

Approval and Documentation Process

Application requesting financial lease/finance terms and structure.

We need to start off with a completed credit application and a clear idea of what you are requesting financing for.  This process will help us understand your business requirements and the best lease/financing term that we can offer.  On larger transactions, a full financial package may be required. 
Credit Approval

Once we have a completed credit application and financial package detailing your company's strengths and requirements, we will submit it for a formal credit approval.  If we've got everything clearly asked for and required, it won't take but a day or two for a formal approval.  Sometimes, there may be additional items that may be required depending on structure and request.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we complete our due diligence.
Approval and Documentation.

Once we have a formal approval, we will draw up the final lease/financing documents.  This will detail all the final terms and conditions in order for final funding.  Once we have the final documents back, we will review and gather the entire funding package and submit it for funding.  The funding will not be complete until you provide a verbal verification that you are happy with the equipment and we can release payment.